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Pathfinder doesn‘t react

German translation

“I have subtracted (added, built an intersection …) two objects using pathfinder, but nothing happens aside from error warnings“

Pathfinder-Effekt Fehler-Warnung

Figure 1: Don't disable this warning until you have understood the difference between pathfinder effect and function

Problem is that Illustrator's (very mighty, very useful and very commonly used) pathfinders seem to be found in two different places in the application. Many first-time users start their search for the pathfinders browsing through the menu and … are lost.

The menu “Effect“ provides the pathfinder-effects. Those operate similarly to the pathfinder functions (well, at least most of the time), but as every effect they only have an impact on the element they are assigned to. If you had more objects selected (and that can be groups or single paths), each of them is assigned a pathfinder-effect of their own. But thus the selected objects won't be combined.

Pathfinder als Effekte  auf einzelnen Objekten

Figure 2: Two objects are both assigned a pathfinder-effect "subtract" as can be seen in the appearance-panel (middle). The objects reamain seperated – compare the layers-panel (right)

Pathfinder-effects make sense when assigned to groups or to text objects (consisting of many sub-objects, the glyphs).

Pathfinder-Effekt auf einem Textobjekt

Figure 3: The glyphs in this tighly set text get a common outline by using the pathfinder “add“ – appearance-panel to the right

If you're looking for the pathfinder that can combine multiple objects, head for window > pathfinder. There you find the pathfinder functions, which are most probably referred to when someone mentions “the pathfinders“.


Figure 4: The pathfinder-panel

If you have already assigned pathfinder-effects to your objects (and you should check if you did) you first have to remove them from the objects. Select the objects (one by one if they have different appearances) and open the appearance-panel using the window-menu. Click on the pathfinder-entry in the list (it‘s “subtract“ in this example), then delete it using the trashbin-button.

Löschen eines Pathfinder-Effekts mit der AUssehen-Palette

Figure 5: Deleting the pathfinder-effect using the appearance-panel

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